MUSÉE D'ART CONTEMPORAIN DE LYON, LYON (FR)    3 October 2014 - 22 February 2015

Erró, Rétrospective

Over 500 artworks selected from public and private collections in Europe and Iceland recount the career and background of this first-rate storyteller of art history

Curators : Thierry Raspail and Danielle Kvaran

Anticipating the continuous and infinite flow of images and information circulating on digital networks, Erró has shown an interest in the profusion of images and their dissemination from the start of his career, and for this has invented forms of storytelling, and unique grids of vocabulary, grammar and rhetoric.

From collages to paintings, Erró has created a kind of visual anti-encyclopaedia, critical of all forms of established knowledge and full of colour; a corpus of work that stands out for its fun, outrageous and ambiguous nature, accessible to all.

Works on loan

Baby Rockefeller
Birth Without Pain (Série des Maternités) (à vérifier)
Moteur à réaction