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September 2017 Archaeology

The Ram of Schliemann

Archeonimaux: it is the name of an exhibition dedicated to animals in Antiquity, which will begin on 23rd September at the Museum of Pully (… The Fondation Gandur pour l’Art lends 49 of its most beautiful objects, from its Egyptian, Greek and Roman collections. This event is an opportunity to point out a small ram belonging to our Greek collection. It is only a few centimeters tall, but it has so many things to tell us!
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The Ram of Schliemann
Bronze, solid-cast. Brown patina
End IVth-Ist Century BC
5.8 x 2.2 x 3.6 cm

Geographical provenance
Greece or Asia Minor

The object was part of the Heinrich Schliemann’s collection; thence to his second wife, Sofia Engastromenou-Schliemann, who passed away in 1932. In the Schliemann’s family for at least until 1969, date of the death of Heinrich last grand-son’s, Alexander Melas. It was then offered for sale at the Galerie Mouseion, Paris. Acquired in this gallery  on January 7th 1991.


© Fondation Gandur pour l’Art. Photographer : André Longchamp
© Photographed in the collection of H. Schliemann, late XIXth century

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