Annual reports

Every year in its Annual Report, the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art takes a look back at the past year to recount the exhibitions and loans carried out throughout the world, highlighting specific aspects of its collections thanks to the contribution of its curators in archaeology, fine-arts, decorative arts and ethnology.

In addition, this document addresses the issue of funding heritage restoration and preservation projects in relation to the collections, and presents the scholarships awarded to deserving students.The foundation’s financial statements, audited by the statutory auditor Deloitte SA, are also communicated in the report.

The annual reports may be downloaded hereafter in PDF format.

You may also order a paper copy by email.

Annual report 2022
Annual report 2021
Annual report 2020
Annual report 2019
Annual report 2018
Annual report 2017
Annual report 2016
Annual report 2015
Annual report 2014


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