KUNSTMUSEUM THUN, THOUNE (CH)   14 May 2016 - 7 August 2016

Eduardo Arroyo. Die Schweizer Kapitel

With Die Schweizer Kapitel, the Kunstmuseum of Thun showcases the work of the Spanish artist while highlighting his affinities with the Swiss nation, both in terms of his personal career and his artistic relationships

Curator : Helen Hirsch

Artist, writer and decorative painter, Arroyo is above all a story teller. By presenting his lithographs, paintings, drawings and sculptures, this retrospective displays works illustrating the different stages in the career of this major figure of Narrative figuration.

In addition, the artworks of a number of Swiss friends and artists respected and admired by Arroyo complement the ensemble: Alberto Giacometti, Thomas Huber, Meret Oppenheim, Peter Stämpfli, Hugo Suter, Gérard Thalmann, Jean Tinguely, and Félix Vallotton.

Work on loan

Eduardo ARROYO
Le Passage du Saint-Bernard