FONDATION CLÉMENT, LE FRANÇOIS, MARTINIQUE (FR)   22 January 2016 - 15 April 2016

Hervé Télémaque

With a major set of paintings, drawings, collages and assemblages, this exhibition is the inaugural event of the Fondation Clément’s new exhibition galleries

Curator : Christian Briend

As one of the most prominent French artists of his generation, Hervé Télémaque (born in Haiti in 1937) began his career as a painter in New York, before settling permanently in Paris, where he contributed to the emergence of the Narrative figuration movement in the early 1960s.

At first classified as being at the convergence of Surrealism and Pop Art, his work draws as much from his personal history as from a deep reflection around the object that allows him to explore the relationship between the image and language in a playful fashion.

© Fondation Clément. Photographer : JF Gouait

Work on loan