MUSÉE SOULAGES, RODEZ (FR)   23 May 2014 - 19 October 2014

Outrenoir en Europe. Musées et fondations

This is the first exhibition of the Musée Soulages and presents in 21 paintings the wealth and evolution of a body of artwork through its nuances and different technical and thematic experiments

Curators : Benoît Decron and Pierre Encrevé

The aim of this exhibition Outrenoir en Europe is to show the wealth and the evolution of Soulages’ body of work, particularly as the painter is all too often reduced to, or categorized as a monochrome painter. His Outrenoir series is however, much more complex. Through their nuances and different experiments, Soulages creates an entire universe. In the different combinations of polyptychs, certain monumental formats bring an entire room to life, hanging on cables and on the walls. In the large spaces of the temporary exhibition room at the Musée Soulages, a special itinerary awaits the visitor: an itinerary in the form of a contemporary portrait.

© Musée Soulages, Rodez (FR)

Work on loan

Peinture 202 x 255 cm, 18 octobre 1984
18 octobre 1984