Musée du Louvre-Lens, Lens (FR)   27 March 2024 - 22 July 2024

Subterranean Worlds

Echoing the Hauts-de-France region’s history, the Louvre-Lens presents a thematic exhibition about subterranean worlds. This authentic yet invisible universe has fed humanity’s fantasies and hopes. To illustrate the infernal creatures whose imaginations have often inhabited the earth’s bowels, the Fondation Gandur pour l'Art lends a fascinating Lavamano decorated with devils from the Tuscan Renaissance.

Curators: Alexandre Estaquet-Legrand, Jean-Jacques Terrin, Gautier Verbeke

What takes place underground? How do these worlds that fire our imaginations since dawn look? This exhibition responds to the many questions raised by all forms of underground life, whether real or imagined. It explores these indistinct places that are little known to us.

Sometimes frightening, other times inspiring, abysses or refuges, these worlds act as mirrors of our society and the human soul. From obscure depths and mythical worlds to the rampant worlds of underground countercultures, the reality below ground is manifold.

With more than 200 works and dialogues among art from diverse periods, this exhibition invites visitors on a sensory journey from shadow to light.

99 Rue Paul Bert
62300 Lens, France

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Work on loan

Lavamano à décor de diables
1er quart XVIe siècle