14 June 2019

The National Archaeology Days (JNA)

Since its creation, the Fondation Gandur pour l'Art has supported field archaeology, particularly in Egypt, by providing financial support for excavation and restoration campaigns.

In Saqqâra, it contributes to research on the oldest religious texts in history, the Texts of the Pyramids, and to the excavations of the necropolis of Pépy I, carried out by the Franco-Swiss Archaeological Mission of Saqqâra.

For several years now, it has also been actively involved, alongside the Cheops Fund for Archaeology, in restoration work in the TT216 tomb of Deir el-Medineh or, in Karnak, in the anastylosis of the statue of Amon, erected by Touthankamon.



In Switzerland, you got a date with your History!

The Archaeology Days across Europe are coordinated by the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap).

Whether you are passionate about history or just curious, with your family or your class, come find out about archaeological heritage and research.

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