2023-2025 – AWARE, Archives of Women Artists Research and Exhibitions, Paris, France

Participation to the program
“Tracing a Decade: Women Artists of the 1960s in Africa”

The Foundation supports the three-year program “Tracing a Decade: Women Artists of the 1960s in Africa”, organised by AWARE (Archives of Women Artists Research and Exhibitions) in collaboration with the Njabala Foundation in Kampala. This program encourages research on female artists from the post-independency period in numerous African countries. The program relies on the organisation of a symposium in Kampala, as well as the publication of biographical notes and research articles on AWARE’s website.

AWARE’s ambition is to harmonise the presence of women artists and give them increased visibility. The association organises symposiums and provides open access to biographical notes on women artists from the 19th and 20th centuries, articles and interviews from researchers and curators internationally.

Within this framework, the new program “Tracing a Decade: Women Artists of the 1960s in Africa” will look back at the women’s artistic journeys and their artworks, which have been omitted for decades and should gain recognition for contributing to the first postcolonial narratives. The program will focus on this crucial period and reveal its lasting impact on contemporary African art practices. Articles on artworks from the Foundation’s African Contemporary Art and of the Diaspora collection will help clarify this resonance.