2022 - Musée Bible + Orient, Fribourg, Switzerland

Support for the publication of the book "La collection égyptienne du musée Bible+Orient"

New edition of the major pieces of the Egyptian collection of the Museum Bible+Orient gathered by Professor Othmar Keel from 1970 to 2020, this book presents numerous unpublished items, also coming from the rich fund of amulets and small objects from the Fouad S. Matouk collection, acquired by the University of Fribourg in 1983.  

The catalogue comprises four topics which offer an overview of the antique Egyptian world: history; religious sphere: gods – goddesses; religion and temples; magic, medicine and fecundity; funerary beliefs and practices. Keys for the knowledge of the Egyptian civilization are given in the first pages and are related to the objects, selected for their pedagogic and scientific interest.