2022 – Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, France

Support of the acquisition of a crater with columns from the Hope collection of the National Library of France

In November, the BnF acquired an exceptional Greek vase thanks to the support of the patronage of the Fondation Gandur pour l'Art. This crater with columns comes from the Hope collection, one of the most famous collections of antique vases from the 18th-19th century. This acquisition enriches the Department of Coins, Medals and Antiques on several levels.

On the one hand, it makes it possible to bring into the collections of the BnF a painter who was not yet represented there, through one of his favorite forms of which France doesn’t keep any copy of his hand. The “Tyszkiewicz Painter” decorates from 480 to 470 BC. a wide range of medium to large format vases. This crater has also added to the exceptional collection of vases decorated with unique images in the world kept by the BnF. Finally, this vase completes the heritage of the national collections by becoming the fourth vase in the Hope collection in France but the first for the BnF.

© Céline Neuenschwander / BnF
© Céline Neuenschwander / BnF