Corps et esprits. Regards croisés sur la Méditerranée antique

This exhibition explores two encounters: the first - ancient - is that of the civilizations that bordered the Mediterranean shores (Near East, Egypt, Greece and Rome); the second crystallizes around the views that the nineteenth century and the twenty-first century bear on these civilizations, from the slow progression of research to the presentation of collections in the framework of a museum.

edited by Jean-Luc Chappaz with the collaboration of Aurélie Quirion
scientific contribution by robert steven bianchi and isabelle graesslé

This book invites the reader to discover the art of the ancient Mediterranean basin (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome) through a selection of exceptional works from the collections of the Fondation Gandur pour l'Art and the Musées d’Art et d’Histoire of Geneva, and in particular from the archives of the Geneva archaeologists Édouard and Marguerite Naville, who contributed greatly to the spiritual and artistic understanding of these cultures. The first part of the book, "Bodies and Faces", confronts the representations of the human figure through the various ancient arts. The dialogue between these masterpieces reveals a radiance where civilizations intersect and respond to each other. Forming a wide gallery of expressions and emotions, these sculptures are observed and challenged throughout the Mediterranean space, questioning us with our eyes, in a mise en abyme, despite the centuries that separate us from it. The second, "Spirits and Spirituality", highlights the work of humanists who have gradually restored the souls of these societies distant in time. The theme of beliefs and their expressions is addressed: a hundred objects, rigorously selected, provide answers to questions that are mutatis mutandis still ours today. But the spirit also lies in the art of living, illustrated today by the refinement of toilet accessories and jewelry, as well as by rich containers and the art of bas-relief.

5 Continents Editions, Milan
Musées d'art et d'histoire, Genève