Collection of Notebooks

For its 10th anniversary, the Foundation published a mini-collection of 12 small art notebooks presented in boxset format. For every month of 2020, one of the Foundation’s curators selected a work from the collections, allowing the reader to discover it through the accompanying text and series of illustrations. Information is provided about the piece’s historical context, its author, symbolism and its place within the collection as a whole, showcasing the Foundation’s five different curatorial domains.

01        Ethnology
Apouéma Costume and Mourning Mask
Author: Dr Isabelle Tassignon

02       Decorative Arts
“La Fayette” Dressing Table
Author: Dr Fabienne Fravalo

03       Fine Arts
Le Voyou by Gérard Fromanger
Author: Yan Schubert

04       Ethnology
Stirrup-spout bottle in shape of a fox
Author: Dr Isabelle Tassignon

05       Fine Arts
Évanescence by Georges Mathieu
Author: Bertrand Dumas

06       Archaeology
Statuette of the Goddess Isis-Hededyt nursing Horus
Author: Dr Robert Steven Bianchi

07        Archaeology
Bust in the form of a bust of Dionysos Tauros
Author: Dr Isabelle Tassignon

08       Decorative Arts
Samson wrestling the Lion and The Judgement of Salomon by Martin Desjardins
Author: Dr Fabienne Fravalo

09       Fine Arts
Rue au Marie by Jacques Villeglé
Author: Yan Schubert

10        Archaeology
Mask of a Mummy with Gold Face
Author: Dr Sandrine Vuilleumier

11         Fine Arts
Sarah by Jean Fautrier
Author: Bertrand Dumas

12        Contemporary African and Diaspora Art
Pure Ali II by Godried Donkor
Author: Olivia Fahmy


The graphic design of these notebooks echoes that of the Cahiers published by the Foundation in conjunction with various exhibitions and events.