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Book of the Dead papyrus

This papyrus was discovered by the renowned French archaeologist Gaston Maspéro in 1883-1884. It centres on the funerary belief of the Last Judgement, a concept « invented » by the ancient Egyptians.

Scene of psychostasia, vignette of chapter 125 
of the Book of the Dead of the lady Ta-Wesir
Ptolemaic Period (305 - 30 BC)
Upper Egypt, Akhmim
Papyrus, black ink
38.5 x 112 cm

Narrated by Dr. Xavier Droux, Curator Archaeology Collection 

"This copy of the Book of the Dead was prepared for Ta-Wesir, a priestess of Osiris. We see her here followed by her husband and accompanied by the goddess Maât. They progress toward a large scale, on which a heart is being weighted. In order to benefit from everlasting life, the heart of the deceases had to be lighter than the feather of Maât, goddess of justice and truth. Woe to anyone who fails in this judgement: the beast Ammut awaits, ready to devour them. Those found to be pure of heart were presented to Osiris, all-powerful god of the netherworld, seen here with his wife Isis."