Osaka National Museum, Osaka (JP)   10 October 2015 - 27 December 2015
Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo (JP)   7 JULY 2015 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2015

Cleopatra and the Queens of Egypt

This exhibition focuses on the major roles played by women in the history of Ancient Egypt, and presents approximately 180 works, ranging from sculptures to reliefs and jewellery.

CURATOR : Christiane Ziegler

The women who supported the pharaohs acted not only as royal mothers and wives, they also bore major responsibilities in the political and religious life of their day. At times, royal women ruled as queens, and at times, queens were deified as goddesses.

Hetepheres was the mother of the Pharaoh Khufu, renowned as the builder of the Great Pyramid. Queen Hatshepsut ruled as pharaoh after the death of her husband. The talented Queen Tiye was a commoner who married a pharaoh. And Queen Nefertiti was renowned for her unparalleled beauty and was seen as the ideal woman. Last but not least, Cleopatra (Cleopatra VII) was the last queen of Ancient Egypt.

Works on loan

Statuette d'une prêtresse
1ère moitié Ier millénaire avant J.-C.
Figure féminine de fertilité
3e quart IIe millénaire avant J.-C.
Jarre aux anses en tête de canard
2e moitié IIe millénaire avant J.-C.
Cuillère à fard en forme de canard
Troisième Période Intermédiaire ; XXVe dynastie
Petit vase
3e quart IIe millénaire avant J.-C.
Vase miniature
Amphore au nom d'Amenhotep II
Cuillère à fard
3e quart IIe millénaire avant J.-C.
Amulette en forme de canard
3e quart IIe millénaire avant J.-C.
Statuette de la déesse Thouéris
3e-2e quart Ier millénaire avant J.-C.
Statuette de la déesse Isis allaitant Horus
1er quart Ier millénaire avant J.-C.
Égide et contrepoids ménat
VIIe - VIe siècle avant J.-C.