Musée de l'Histoire de l'Immigration, Paris (FR)   27 September 2022 - 23 January 2023

Paris et nulle part ailleurs

From 27 September 2022 to 22 January 2023, the Musée de l'Histoire de l'Immigration (Museum of the History of Immigration) will present an exhibition of works by twenty-four foreign artists who settled in Paris between 1945 and 1972.  Between social history and art history, Paris et Nulle Part Ailleurs (Paris and Nowhere Else) introduces the public to the issues of migration, expatriation and the intermingling of cultures through a hundred drawings, sculptures, paintings and collages from private and public collections. The Gandur Foundation for Art is taking part in this event with the loan of Paris la nuit, a masterpiece by Maria Helena Vieira da Silva.

Curator: Jean-Paul Ameline

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva was born on 12 June 1908 in Lisbon. At the age of eleven, she entered the Academia das Belas Artes to study drawing and painting. At the age of nineteen, she moved to Paris, where she practised painting with Fernand Léger, sculpture with Antoine Bourdelle, and then Charles Despiau, as well as engraving with Stanley William Hayter.

A major figure in European abstraction, Vieira da Silva was part of the New School of Paris, a veritable melting pot of international artists active in the City of Light, which regained its power to attract and fascinate after the war. Like the other artists of this movement, she uses an expressive form of abstraction based on the real world, occupying a kind of middle ground between figuration and abstraction. From the 1950s onwards, her works show a strong interest in urban landscapes, harbours, crossroads and other transitory areas, mixing allusive figuration with the abstraction of complex compositions and fragmented forms.

The exhibition Paris et nulle part ailleurs allows the public to immerse itself in the post-war effervescence that saw the emergence in Paris of new artistic visions in fields as varied as abstraction, figuration, kinetic art and body art.

293 Avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris, France

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Paris, la nuit